Audio Transcription

General business and office documents:

  Correspondence | Reports | File notes | 

• Interviews (1 – 3 Speakers) from all sources

• General Transcripts

• Legal Transcripts

• Insurance Transcripts

• Student assignments

• Media

• Podcasts

Please take into consideration that 1-hour of audio takes approximately 4 – 6 hours to type, depending on the quality of the file. If the audio is clear and straightforward, 4 hours is usually sufficient but unclear and complicated audio where research has to be done concurrently, can take considerably longer. Please contact me to discuss.

Accurate transcriptions are delivered in reasonable turnaround times and agreed by my clients.  

URGENT transcriptions will be delivered within the agreed turnaround time with the same level of accuracy as non-urgent transcriptions.  Please contact me to discuss.

Transcribed documents are thoroughly proofread to ensure that a high level of accuracy is maintained.

You can provide your own requirements and templates for your documents.