Some good reasons why you should use a Virtual Secretarial Assistant or Receptionist in your business

27 Aug

Virtual Reception, Administration & Support

VA services are perfect as a casual, temporary or permanent placement in your business. VA’s can assist with extra tasks that put pressure on staff within your workplace or assist when in-house staff are away on leave, sick leave or maternity leave. It is a much cheaper option than hiring temporary staff. I have excellent receptionist skills and telephone manner and with many years of experience, I can be of assistance to you by answering your incoming calls and forwarding messages to you in addition to diary management and general administration and support duties. I am organised and efficient and would diligently embrace being your Virtual Receptionist.

Audio Transcription and Typing Service

By using a Virtual Assistant you will save money!

I provide professional and confidential online typing and transcription services for businesses or individuals on a casual or permanent basis. Virtual transcription and typing services save you and your business money. You are only paying me for the time that the audio takes to type which as an example, fifteen-minutes of audio takes one hour to type, that would cost you $30, which is my hourly rate, a very affordable fee.

Legal and General Transcription

I am available when you need extra help. There are busy times in professional offices where extra help is required and a Virtual Assistant can get your work done efficiently and confidentially without you having to pay expensive wages for temporary staff.

Secretarial Services Australia Wide

I offer my Virtual Assistant Secretarial and Transcription Services Australia wide. It is so easy! 

Once we have made contact, I will sign a Confidentiality Agreement and your audio files can be emailed to me or we can use Dropbox.  The best thing is from a small business perspective, we work together, even though it is remote, your work is not assigned to someone you have not had any contact with. Working one on one is so much better, at least you know who is completing your task for you. You can communicate with me at any time.

Database Population and Management

I can manage your new or existing database and input or update all your required information to make sure your database is consistent and working efficiently.

Document Formatting and Editing

Send me your typed document and I can format, proofread and edit, making sure it is consistent all the way through.

Approved Virtual Assistant with VA Placements

I can assist you with all your audio transcription and typing or secretarial requirements.